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Matrice 100


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One of the most important features of the DJI Matrice 100 is that you can adapt the device to your own wishes. You can add components, change load capacity and fly with any desired controller. Attach cameras, sensors, computer boards, communication instruments effortlessly and use them to collect data during your flights.

Universal Power and Communication Ports
The DJI Matrice 100 has universal CAN and UART ports.Connect and fly using a DJI device, or a different device and send data from air to ground in real-time. The Matrice 100 has dual parallel CAN ports to connect DJI devices such as the Guidance sensor system and two parallel UART ports for connecting other components. The Matrice 100 can be adapted as you see fit, so that it is viable for countless applications.

Dual Battery Compartments
The Matrice 100 can be equipped with a second battery which extends the flight time with another 20 minutes, to a total flight time of 40 minutes. The second battery supplies more power to both your platform and potential additional components or accessories. Flight time may vary depending on load capacity and flight conditions. The maximum of 40 flight minutes was tested with double TB48D batteries and no extra load capacity.

Personalised Assembly and Balance
The Matrice 100 can be assembled completely to your own preferences. Achieve an ideal balance and flight experience by attaching batteries and other components around the body of your Matrice 100 as you see fit.

Adjustable Frame-arm for greater torque
Because the Matrice 100 can be adjusted to personal prefernce, it also allows adjustment of the 4 frame arms. All frame arms can be moved up or down 3 degrees, creating the most ideal conditions for your drone. Adjusting the angle is quick and simple.

50% less vibrations, stable and sturdy system
To prevent vibrations and improve stability, the DJI Matrice 100 is made from 100% lightweight carbon fibre. Each of the four arms come equipped with a new shock absorbing system that absorbs movement of the engine. This improves stiffness and reliability in the air. The DJI Matrice 100 is unique in its shock absorbing materials, resulting in an unparalleled stability of the drone.

Responsive, quick release landing pads
Innovative landing pats or “feet” have been attached at the base of each arm to protect the Matrice 100 during landing. These pads dampen the impact of landing, protect the system and prevent accidental liftoff. The landing pads can easily and quickly be removed for replacement or upgrades.



Remote Controller
The included remote controller allows the Matrice 100 to be controlled at a distance up to 5 km* and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. The control buttons of the controller are completely customisable. As a result, every function for controlling the Matrice 100 can be within hand’s reach. *Maximal range tested in open areas without obstructions and can vary depending on local regulations.

Complete mobile App support
Use the DJI Pilot app with countless features and receive data such as live video and flight information from the Matrice 100. Maintain control using a smartphone or tablet in real-time. This app not only allows you to view live images that your drone is recording, but also shows you a real-time map indicating where the drone is flying, can adjust settings and optimise flight behaviour. With DJI SDK you can also create your own app to be used for the Matrice 100.

GPS Support
The DJI Matrice uses GPS to track the drone’s position in real-time. GPS data can be consulted later to retrace the flight path as well. Or, use GPS to plan a flight ahead of time.

Upgraded Flight Controller and Integrated Lightbridge
DJI’s new N1 flight controller keeps the Matrice 100 stable and responsive during every flight. Receive data as well as a live HD-display (when using a DJI X3 camera and gimbals), and use the included DJI Lightbridge to extend your flight range by 5 km*. *Maximal range tested in open areas without obstructions and can vary depending on local regulations.

The DJI Matrice 100 is equipped with an improved version of the DJI E800 electronic motor. This system powers your drone and makes sure it stays in the air. Four powerful motors and four ‘Electronic Speed Controllers’ provide the ultimate control over your drone and allow for a high speed during flight. The engines are designed to allow for more stable flight with the DJI Matrice 100 as well as more load capacity.



Compatible Components for more functionality
The Matrice 100 is compatible with a plethora of DJI accessories.