Functional Check Flight

What can I expect?
We perform a Functional Check Flight (FCF). This means that all the DJI drone functions and possible options are tested. Your drone is prepared to make his first flight. Ideal for those who want to get up in the air as fast as possible.

How long does the FCF take and where is it getting done?
The flight preparation takes about 2 hours and takes place at DroneStars in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. In different areas, all options and features are tested by specialists of DroneStars.

What are the costs for the Functional Check Flight?
The Functional Check Flight is performed for €99,-. incl VAT.

How can I indicate that I wish to receive the DJI Drone incl a Functional Check Flight?
When you order a DJI drone at DroneStars, you can specify the Functional Check Flight option in your shopping cart.

For questions about the Functional Check Flight.
For more information you can fill out our contact form. You will receive a response to your question as soon as possible.