DroneStars Workshop


Do you own an drone or are you considering purchasing one in the near future? Learn about basic drone capabilities and practice under professional supervision in one of our workshops.

For whom is the course intended?
You have purchased a drone or are about to buy one. You want to fly and shoot, or make beautiful aerial photos, but always in a safe way so that you can make optimum use of the drone.

This practical workshop consist of:
How does the drone really work, what is GPS, how can you ensure that the batteries last a long time and in which area you may fly and not fly according to the latest rules. All these questions and more are answered during the DroneStars workshop.

After a DroneStars workshop you will have:

  • Basic knowledge about drone laws and regulations
  • Basic knowledge about flight preparations
  • Experience flying one type of DJI drone under supervision of an experienced instructor (short workshop)
  • Experience flying multiple types of DJI drones under supervision of an experienced instructor (long workshop)

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