We supply a wide range of DJI drones and accessories.
DroneStars is a member of DARPAS: Dutch Association for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.
A Dutch association for professional production and use of unmanned aircraft systems. Our systems are successfully used for variuous practical purposes such as firefighters, UAV Solutions, Uav InternationalGmBH and Drone Xpert.

In addition to providing drones for both the professional and the advanced hobbyist, we also rent DJI Drones. Under the guidance of professional instructors you can fly safely your own drone. To offer our clients the hightest quality of service, we offer professional support and maintenance services. We can deliver the drones ready-to-fly.

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Dino van Essen
Directeur / Founder

About me

Dino is the founder of DroneStars. He is in charge of operational management and is a drone pilot at DroneStars.

Koos van Rossum
Head of Maintenance

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Koos served as an electronic mechanic at Defence until age-functional resignation. During this time, he was heavily involved with Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV), working as maintenance technician RPV, training developer, core instructor Sperwer RPV system and serveral postings (OPS/M 145 and 147). Koos is Head of Maintenace at DroneStars and is responsible for maintenance on several RAPS used by DroneStars.

Frits Muller

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Frits is an instructor for the RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) trainings at the DroneStars Flight Academy. He is also one of DroneStars' drone pilots. Frits has extensive experience in drone operations from his years of employment as lieutenant colonel fieldwork for the Dutch military.

Kimberley vom Kothen

About me

Kimberley studied Media & Entertainment Management at the Hogeschool van Haarlem and has over five years of experience in photography. Kimberley works as a marketing employee at DroneStars. She is responsible for press relations, website maintenance, social media and development and execution of other marketing activities.